Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Standing Shan Buddha Gesturing Wish Fulfillment
Uzbek Susani, Samarkand
Pagan Wood Hsun-ok Lacquer Offering Bowl
Large Jeweled Disk Pendant from Khevsureti
Carved Javanese Hanuman Figure Hangers
Large Bronze Burmese Gong on Stand
Shan Ladle with Carved Animals
Central Asian Uzbek Handwoven Wool Pillow Covers
19th Century Ceremonial Necklace from Rajasthan
Central Asian Camel Bag
Yao Bible Painting
Primitive Batak Protector Mask 2
Royal Shan Buddha Seated on Lotus Throne
Himalayan Handwoven Phoenix Wall Hanging
Sterling Silver Jain Sarpech Bracelet
Bronze 18th Century Mon Buddha
Teke Turkomen Silver Amulet Ornament
Shan Folk Buddha with Inscription