Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Qing Fretwork Pair of Rosewood Architectural Panels
Rare Dakkhina Sakkha Buddha 19th C
Large Sculptural Thai Naga
Carved Teak Himalayan Jewelry Box
Carved Figures of Buddha and Five Disciples at Saranath
Japanese Shrimp Traps Wabi-Sabi Sculpture
Ramayana Carving of Sita Rescue by Hanuman
Primitive Batak Protector Mask 3
Royal Shan Buddha
Burmese Folk Art Carving of Hin-tha
Silvered Brass Russian Samovar With Maker's Seal
Vintage Burmese Carved Buddha
Primitive Carved Bone Figure of Singhalese King
Guanyin Figure Of Rare Chinese Hardwood 18th Century
Architectural Qing Panel Carved with Auspicious Symbols
Burmese Loom Pulleys with Peacock Carvings
On Hold
Carved Javanese Hanuman Figure Hangers
Healing Buddha Bhisakkaguru