Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Large Bronze Burmese Gong on Stand
Standing Silver-Toned Cambodian Buddha
Seated Bronze Buddha in Bhumisparsa Mudra
Carved Chinese Panel, 18th Century
Shanghai Wood Pitcher with Carved Faux Bamboo Handle
Bronze Burmese Pagoda Bell
Javanese Onyx Candle Holders
Healing Buddha Bhisakkaguru
Carved Qing Serving Container
Bronze Jambhupati Buddha on Figural Pedestal
Carved Figures of Buddha and Five Disciples at Saranath
Ava 15th Century Bronze Buddha Head
Limestone Tablet 16th Century Ava Period
Ramayana Carving of Sita Rescue by Hanuman
Scholar's Courtyard Carving
Carved Lacquered Elephant Head Rice Scoop
Healing Medicine Buddha with Myrobalan Fruit Offering
Gilded Mandalay Buddha