Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Carved Chinese Panel, 18th Century
Burmese Loom Pulleys with Peacock Carvings
On Hold
Large Sitting Mandalay Buddha
Pair of Bronze Burmese Flying Hermit Figures
Qing Bat Motif Mirror
Cast Metal Cambodian Buddha
Limestone Tablet 16th Century Ava Period
Carved Lacquered Elephant Head Rice Scoop
Guanyin Figure Of Rare Chinese Hardwood 18th Century
Primitive Batak Protector Mask 1
Ava 15th Century Bronze Buddha Head
Round Panel Carved with Chinese Opera Scene
Shanghai Wood Pitcher with Carved Faux Bamboo Handle
Tall Standing 19th C Burmese Teaching Buddha
16th Century Black Ava Buddha
Balinese Hibiscus Wood Mask
Uzbek Carved Wood Vase
Royal Shan Buddha Seated on Lotus Throne