Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Embroidered Silk Qing Bedside Hangings
Himalayan Handwoven Phoenix Wall Hanging
Fukuro Silk Obi with Heian Period Courtiers
Meiji Silk Fan Motif Maru Obi
Meiji Phoenix Hitoe Obi
Meiji Maru Silk Obi Apricot and Brown
Toraja Warp Ikat Weaving
Large Framed Qing Silk Ceremonial Collar
Pair Embroidered Silk Cutwork Qing Panels Framed
Chinese Calligraphy Hanging Scroll
Meiji Silk Embroidered Uchikake
Purple Summer Obi With Silver Dancers
Old Hanoi Painted on Silk by Ngo Van Cao
Mid-Qing Ancestor Painting
Blue Silk Tapestry Japanese Fukuro Obi
Japanese Silk Shibori Fukusa With Mon
Korean Choson Yonhwado Lotus Painting
Contemporary Lao Silk Tapestry Shawl by Carol Cassidy