Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Bodhisattva Quanyin in Lavender Jade
Sterling Silver Ganesh Indian Rajput Necklace
Silver Belt with Russian Hallmarks 19th Century
Silver Qing Necklace with Auspicious Symbols
Silver Filigree and Garnet Bracelet from Ceylon
Carved Teak Himalayan Jewelry Box
Sterling Silver Jain Sarpech Bracelet
Sterling Silver Jain Bracelet
Caucasus Region Folk Jewelry
Sterling Silver Bracelet With Jain Symbols
Teke Turkomen Silver Amulet Ornament
Teke Turkoman Tribal Pectoral Plate Jewelry
Large Jeweled Disk Pendant from Khevsureti
Kingfisher Feather and Coral Qing Flower Pin
Chinese 19th Century Scholar Writing Box
Javanese Silver Coiling Snake Bracelet
Braided Sterling Silver Rope Bracelet
Silver Bracelet with Lapis from Nepal