Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Carved Meiji Hinoki Transom
Tibetan Thangka with Buddhist Scholar Padmasambhava
Royal Delhi Court Portraits in Mughal Style
Carved Qing Serving Container
Shan Folk Buddha with Inscription
Burmese Lacquer Traveler's Box
Qing Bat Motif Mirror
Caucasus Region Folk Jewelry
Luochuan Original Gouache Peasant Painting
Huangshan Mountain Watercolor by Zhao-Nian Xi
Rajasthani Mewar Miniature
Kingfisher Feather and Coral Qing Flower Pin
Chinese Trunk Painted with Opera Scenes
Carved Figures of Buddha and Five Disciples at Saranath
Carved Wood Bud Vase from Uzbekistan
Kishangarh Musician Miniature Painting
Burmese Jade Chess Set
Burmese Gilded Wood Buddha, 18th Century