Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Rajasthan Miniature Painting Of Cotton Spinner
Royal Shan Buddha Seated on Lotus Throne
Carved Teak Buddhist Monks Sariputta and Mogallana
Carved Lacquered Elephant Head Rice Scoop
Healing Medicine Buddha with Myrobalan Fruit Offering
Blue Glazed Pottery Jiangsu Jar
Graceful Mandalay Standing Buddha
Yixing Teapot With Pewter Spout
Hibiscus Wood Comedy and Tragedy Masks
Edo Zeni Bako Dated 1829
Large Royal Buddha in Arakan Style
Royal Delhi Court Portraits in Mughal Style
Primitive Batak Protector Mask 5
Embossed Silver Belt Early 20th C Republic of Georgia
Carved Qing Water Storage Vessel
Kingfisher Feather and Coral Qing Flower Pin
Late Qing Lidded Bamboo Basket
Chinese Filial Honor Folk Woodcut