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Nearly four feet in height, this 19th century Burmese Mandalay Buddha holds the right hand in the varada gesture to signify fulfillment of all wishes, boon granting and charity. A small fruit offering also is held in the right hand. This graceful classic figure is carved from dense Burmese teak and stands on a lotus throne. An undercoating of dark red lacquer that shows through worn areas in the gilding gives the piece an attractive patina. Large Buddha images such as this were placed above eye-...
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An exceptionally beautiful face distinguishes this mid-20th century reclining Mandalay Buddha. Carved from one piece of dense Burmese teak, the sleek dark reddish brown figure depicts the Buddha passing into Nirvana. On the wrist is a bracelet with the magic wish-fulfilling jewel Cintamani(see photo enlargement #6). The neck is slender and carved with the three folds characteristic of most Burmese Buddha images. Intricate edging on the graceful draped robe is created of thayo, a lacquer thic...
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Finely modeled scenes from the "Jataka," stories of important events in the life of the Buddha, cover the lid and three sides of this "sadaik," or manuscript chest, from a Burmese monastery. (See similar chests in an article in "Arts of Asia" magazine, May-June 2013 issue, page 82, by Sylvia Fraser-Lu, with detailed information on Jataka stories depicted on manuscript chests.) The lid on this chest shows two scenes especially revered in Burma: The first is a compelling representation of the Budd...