Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Vintage Bronze Art Deco Figurine Oil Lamp
Japanese Shrimp Traps Wabi-Sabi Sculpture
Qing Carved Wood Panel Fitted with Mirror
Chinese Eight Fish Snuff Bottle
Round Panel Carved with Chinese Opera Scene
Signed Burmese Lacquer Bi-it Box
Portable Burmese Earth Goddess Altar
Carved Qing Water Storage Vessel
Shan Ladle with Carved Animals
Octagonal Chinese Opera Trunk
Cinnabar Lacquer Burmese Kun-it Box
Burmese Gilded Wood Buddha, 18th Century
Ceramic Figure of Chinese Opera Character
Small 18th Century Shan Folk Buddha
Chinese Lunch Pail with Bent Willow Handle
Carved Wood Batik Printing Blocks from Turkey
Edo Zeni Bako Dated 1829
Teak Rice Scoop with Ramayana Carvings