Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Portable Burmese Earth Goddess Altar
Round Panel Carved with Chinese Opera Scene
Himalayan Royalty Carved Bone Chess Set
Teaching Mandalay Buddha
15th Century Bronze Pinya Buddha
Standing Shan Buddha Gesturing Wish Fulfillment
Primitive Batak Protector Mask 3
Dry Lacquer Pagan Buddha 18th Century
Chinese Stone Garden Buddha
Hibiscus Wood Comedy and Tragedy Masks
Japanese Shrimp Traps Wabi-Sabi Sculpture
Lacquer Traveler's Betel Box
Teak Rice Scoop with Ramayana Carvings
Chinese Carved Martial Arts Scenes Wood Panel
Carved Chinese Panel, 18th Century
Large Sculptural Thai Naga
Lacquered Wood Folk Buddha
Chinese 19th Century Scholar Writing Box