Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Wood Buddha, Shan, 18th Century
Qing Fretwork Pair of Rosewood Architectural Panels
Temple Rooftop Naga, Thailand
Shan Ladle with Carved Animals
Thai Lanna Carved Teak Roof Ornament
Lidded Elmwood Qing Food Box
Balinese Hibiscus Wood Mask
Chinese Stone Garden Buddha
Bronze Teaching Buddha
Buddha Shakyamuni Chinese Mid Qing
Bronze Buddha, Sukhothai-style
Primitive Carved Bone Figure of Singhalese King
Chinese 19th Century Scholar Writing Box
Carved Figures of Buddha and Five Disciples at Saranath
Carved Wood Batik Printing Blocks from Turkey
16th Century Ava Limestone Buddha Head
Chinese Teacup Box with Longevity Emblem
Chinese Leather Trunk