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All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Indian Subcontinent : India : Pre 1980 item #669616 (stock #61-37)
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A finely detailed miniature from Kishangarh, this painting has the lyrical quality that characterizes much of the work from this area in the state of Rajasthan in India. Two delicate figures sit in the foreground within an elaborate setting of cushions, flowers, arches and windows, all rendered in tiny intricate designs. Both are richly dressed and heavily jeweled. They gaze into each others eyes before drinking a toast, he from a bowl, she from a tiny cup. This idealized scene, influenced by M...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 2000 item #798545 (stock #36-58)
Silk Road Gallery
Shanghai contemporary artist Zhao-Nian Xi represents his country's beloved Huangshan Mountain in this watercolor by devoting the major portion of the painting to the sky. Occupying most of the space from the lower left corner to upper right corner, the sky communicates the vastness and heights of Huangshan's peaks. The technique is a variation of the "one corner" compositional formula of the Southern Sung school, which leaves half the picture nearly blank, adding tension to the subject. This art...
All Items : Fine Art : Mixed Media : Two Dimensional : Pre 2000 item #788778 (stock #28-37)
Silk Road Gallery
A mixed media study by Tblisi, Georgia, artist Lali Lomtadze puts branches, transparent flowers and floating debris into a lacy composition that combines both the order and chaos of nature. It is one of a series by the Tbilisi, Georgia, artist in which she closely examines small bits of nature placed haphazardly into containers. Lali Lomtadze has had solo shows beginning in the mid 1980s in Japan, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Her work has been in joint exhibitions in the U.S., Germany, De...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Scholar Art : Pre 1920 item #666659 (stock #41-59)
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An ancient form of calligraphy was used in this scroll by an early 20th century Chinese scholar to express his admiration for the work of a fellow calligrapher. Loosely translated as "clever hand," the characters have a bold and charming quality that allows them to be appreciated as abstract art apart from the sentiment they convey. Circa 1920, this piece is signed and sealed by the calligrapher Li Fung Gung. The calligraphy, on paper, is in very good condition and is mounted on silk. The scrol...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1990 item #846956 (stock #36-69)
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A mist-shrouded water scene in soft colors centers on a small houseboat being poled up a canal. This watercolor by contemporary Shanghai painter Zhao-Nian Xi, sealed by the artist in the lower right corner, is characteristic of his technique of using large muted or blank spaces to focus attention on one element. In his scenes of villages along a network of canals near Shanghai, he delivers in each a small, intimate look at one aspect of life. This watercolor is matted and is in excellent condit...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Paintings : Pre 1970 item #815349 (stock #33-33)
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These striking Chinese calligraphy panels celebrate two of the most magnificent creatures in Buddhist and Taoist legends--the crane and the dragon. Portraits of cranes, a most admired bird in China, and dragons, chief among reptiles, have appeared for centuries in temples and houses as symbols of admirable traits and good fortune. The calligraphy on one panel reads, "The sea is the world of the dragon," and the companion panel says, "The sky is the homeland of the crane." The beneficent Chinese ...