Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Standing Shan Buddha Gesturing Wish Fulfillment
19th Century Metal Wine Pitcher, Georgia
Bronze Gong on Stand
16th Century Ava Limestone Buddha Head
Vintage Bronze Art Deco Figurine Oil Lamp
Graceful Mandalay Standing Buddha
Ava 15th Century Bronze Buddha Head
Shan Buddha With Dedication on Throne
Chinese Stone Garden Buddha
Burmese Gilded Wood Buddha, 18th Century
Limestone Tablet 16th Century Ava Period
Vintage Burmese Carved Buddha
Healing Medicine Buddha with Myrobalan Fruit Offering
Teaching Mandalay Buddha
Lacquered Wood Folk Buddha
Bronze Burmese Buddha
Silvered Brass Russian Samovar With Maker's Seal
Bronze Burmese Temple Guardian Manok-thi-ha