Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Bronze Buddha, Sukhothai-style
Pagan Wood Hsun-ok Lacquer Offering Bowl
Jambhupati Royal Shan Buddha
Seated Bronze Buddha in Bhumisparsa Mudra
Qing Fretwork Pair of Rosewood Architectural Panels
Small 18th Century Shan Folk Buddha
Pair Majapahit Fabric Hangers with Rice Goddess Figures
Bronze Burmese Temple Guardian Manok-thi-ha
Royal Shan Buddha Seated on Lotus Throne
Temple Rooftop Naga, Thailand
Carved Teakwood Opium Scale Box
Himalayan Royalty Carved Bone Chess Set
Wood Buddha, Shan, 18th Century
Teaching Mandalay Buddha
Scholar's Courtyard Carving
Javanese Onyx Candle Holders
Pagan 11th Century Terracotta Votive Tablet
Carved Qing Serving Container