Asian Antiques by Silk Road
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Carved Qing Serving Container
Gilded Mandalay Buddha
Ceramic Figure of Chinese Opera Character
Bronze 18th Century Mon Buddha
Contemporary Thai Three-Panel Buddha
Burmese Colonial Period Bronze Oil Lamp
Bronze Ava-Style Burmese Buddha
Carved Hongmu Headboard from Qing Marriage Bed
Shanghai Wood Pitcher with Carved Faux Bamboo Handle
Bronze Teaching Buddha
Pagan 11th Century Terracotta Votive Tablet
Pair Majapahit Fabric Hangers with Rice Goddess Figures
Regal Mandalay Buddha
Graceful Mandalay Standing Buddha
Mandalay Standing Buddha
Large Sitting Mandalay Buddha
Thai Lanna Carved Teak Roof Ornament
Burmese Loom Pulleys with Peacock Carvings
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