Asian Antiques by Silk Road
Japanese Silk Shibori Fukusa With Mon
Yixing Teapot With Pewter Spout
Pagan 11th Century Terracotta Votive Tablet
15th Century Bronze Pinya Buddha
Fretwork Panel Mirror
Pair Burmese Nat Deities
19th Century Metal Wine Pitcher, Georgia
Ramayana Carving of Sita Rescue by Hanuman
Bronze Teaching Buddha
Qing Embroidered Silk Cloud Collar
Qing Altar Table Lowered to Sofa Table Height
Misty Canal Watercolor by Zhao-Nian Xi
Silver Teke Turkomen Tribal Amulet
Earthenware Burmese Pipe Early 19th Century
Pair Majapahit Fabric Hangers with Rice Goddess Figures
Thai Carved Teak Naga
Qing Rice Container, Side Table Size
Jambhupati Royal Shan Buddha